OwnRegistrar is a complete Domain Solutions Provider which deals in registration of all the major TLDs and ccTLDs through its Channel Partners worldwide. OwnRegistrar is one of the few white-labeled domain registrars in the world. Since the inception of its domains and hosting provider company, OwnRegistrar boasts of being a complete Domain Solutions Provider.
OwnRegistrar’s experience of the Domain Names market makes it an ideal choice for Domain Solutions. Unlike other Registrars, OwnRegistrar does not directly deal in domain names, but provides domain name solutions through its channel partners worldwide.
OwnRegistrar inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vertoz Advertising Ltd.

Our Corporate Officers

Hiren Shah

Chief Executive Officer

Dimple Shah

Chief Financial Officer

Karthik Iyer

General Counsel



Managing Director

Hiren Shah is the Founder & Managing Director of OwnRegistrar. He along with his brother Ashish came with a vision to be a Global Technology Leader and thus formed OwnRegistrar. Hiren, who is one of the chief architects behind the success of OwnRegistrar, is also responsible for building partnerships and broader business relationships, as well as guiding his brother – Ashish, the CEO and other personnel on the business and policy front.



As OwnRegistrar’s Founder & CEO, Ashish Shah is responsible for the leadership and direction of the company. The passion for technology at a very young age got him actively involved in studying and implementing new technology in the best way to build a strong foundation for quality internet and related services. He equips OwnRegistrar with his profound technical knowledge of the web services industry, a keen eye for business, and an unquenchable craving for growth, thus bringing it a step closer to becoming a global entity.