OwnRegistrar do not deal in the domain name directly, but we can suggest you with the prices which you could be charged by your service provider. The charges could vary depending on the number of the years you are registering your domain and also on your service provider. This is not the exact price you would be paying for the domain name.
 Extension  Pricing (Per Year)  Restoration Charges
 .com  $35.00  $250.00
 .net  $35.00  $250.00
 .org  $35.00  $250.00
 .info  $35.00  $250.00
 .biz  $35.00  $250.00
 .Mobi  $80.00  $250.00
 .Name  $35.00  $250.00
 .CC  $59.00  $250.00
 .TV  $69.00  $250.00